Vision & Mission


To be internationally recognized Institution for its excellence of academic programmes, for its high quality teaching across a broad range of disciplines, for its efforts in promoting world class research and for its community service in making quality and flexible higher education to reach wider community.


  • To dedicate to the communication, expansion and integration of knowledge through excellent undergraduate education as its primary priority and complementary excellent post graduate academic programmes.
  • To offer quality professional education opportunities which are accessible, flexible and borderless.
  • To have a distinct academic approach that emphasizes professional education fosters high achievement and promotes original inquiry, innovation and collaboration.
  • To make the Institution Campus as a Centre of Academic Excellence where high quality research and high quality teaching are mutually sustaining.
  • To develop graduates who may be positioned to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • To create fulfilling experiences for all students based on commitment of skilled and caring teaching faculty.
  • To aspire to contribute to our nation’s economic growth, social development and sustainability.