Centre for Knowledge Management


  • To develop techniques and tools enable remote teams to collaborate.
  • To recognize and reward people for sharing knowledge. To encourage and support communities of good practice.
  • To preserving and distributing organizational knowledge.
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge.
  • To capture, organize, analyze, share, and reuse both explicit and tacit knowledge to make better and faster decisions across geographic, functional, and team boundaries.
  • To publish and retrieve ideas, working documents, and links to related information. It exploits experts systems for better decision making.
  • TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

Plan of actions

  • To organize workshop on role of web 2.0 technology in higher education.
  • To organize workshop on knowledge management and personal knowledge management.
  • To offer add-on courses to the students to mold them as product developer, web developer and multimedia designer.
  • To create interactive e-learning material to focus on reinforcement learning environment.
  • Providing template project which may help departments to build their websites in an easy, attractive and consistent.
  • Providing template project which may help department to build their websites in an easy, attractive, and consistent format.
  • To organize training programme teaching faculty and technical staff based on emerging technologies.
  • To create university repository for storing research publications, Ph.D. Thesis, M.Phil. Dissertations and innovative project reports.

Welcome to centre for knowledge management. Knowledge is now recognized as the most valuable strategic resource of an organization. our mission is to capture, organize, analyze, share and reuse both explicit and tacit knowledge to make better and faster decisions across geographic, collaborate this centre works to create an environment that is receptive to innovation recognized for efficient management and focused on continuous improvement in our service resource and facility.

The collective strength of all resources at the CKM is aimed giving the centre the power to provide services under one roof with technology empowerment for the faculty members students researchers associated with education.

Apart from this the centre has a large collection of software tutorials the aim of this centre is promoting a knowledge friendly environment cultivating a knowledge oriented culture and nurturing a knowledge sharing with shareit for pc ecosystems after all the successful creation of knowledge innovation depends ultimately on individuals who utilized the knowledge and not on the knowledge itself the very trait the makes knowledge useful, beneficial and valuable to society and mankind.