Institutional Membership

IEEE (1)


The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies.



The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System.


Computer Society of India

Computer Society of India is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March 1965 by a few computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals.


Indian Concrete Institute

Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) is the national organisation of engineering professionals, employed in concrete construction and associated research in India.


Association of Commonwealth Universities

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is the world’s first and oldest international university network, promoting and supporting excellence in Higher Education.


National Digital Library of India

The National Digital library of India is a project under Ministry of Human Resource Development, India. The objective is to integrate several national and international digital libraries in one single web-portal.


National Academic Depository

“National Academic Depository (NAD)” is a National System set-up by Ministry of Human Resources. Development and University Grants Commission by appointing NSDL Database Management Limited. (NDML) to facilitate Academic Institutions to Digitally, Securely and Quickly issue Online Academic Records.


Association of Indian Universities

Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is an organisation and association of major universities in India. It is based in Delhi. It evaluates the courses, syllabi, standards and credits of foreign Universities pursued abroad and equates them in relation to various courses offered by Indian Universities.