Centre for Crystal Growth and Thin Films

The centre for crystal growth and thin films was established in July 2008 the objective of the centre is to grow new materials in crystalline form for technological applications and also to prepare good thin film coatings for technical applications in electro optic and other device fabrications like sensors.

Several organic and semi organic, nonlinear optical single crystals have been grown by slow evaporation method. Also the relatively new facility for S-R method giving unidirectional growth is available. This centre also trains and imparts knowledge in crystals growing techniques suited for faculty and research scholars. Thin film coating unit has been indigenously fabricated for given specifications and also suitable for modifications as per requirements.

Films coated in this unit show good quality coating when characterized. Papers have been published and good quality research is generated out of this centre by research scholars. Faculty from this thin film team is also visiting Japan for collaborative research in semiconducting thin films field effect transistors and also give instruction to graduate students there.