PRIST Green Cell

About Green Cell

PRIST Green Cell is a dedicated initiative for Sustainable Development, which aims at providing direction and coherence, at the regional as well as at global level, for research and active campus activity on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation. Launched with the support of leading scientists and decision-makers of PRIST (Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Institute of Science and Technology) University, PRIST Green Cell resolves to respond to the urgent call by the scientific community for a more cohesive and coordinated approach, and the critical need to harmonize, mobilize, and communicate the growing knowledge-base on sustainability issues.

To this end, PRIST Green Cell will act as a new and growing network operating on symbiotic coordination between scientists & technocrats on one hand and entrepreneurs & practitioners on the other, with an explicit purpose of inculcation of environmental ethics into individual lifestyle as well as basic outlook of life.

Acknowledging the rapid deterioration of biodiversity and ever-expansive pollution vis-e-vis emerging policy strategies, new scientific developments and lessons learnt from past programmes, PRIST Green Cell promises to deliver, in collaboration with its implementing partners, assessment of existing sustainability status of identified regions of concern, compilation of traditional knowledge base-with scientific validation (on the impacts of and responses to sustainable development as well as sustainable strategies), and provide the credible scientific information that is being increasingly sought by the world’s decision makers.

Mission & Objectives

Enhancement of environmental friendly attitudes of the students and mobilization of their latent resources and skills towards development of personal-ethics and commitment for a greener society through knowledge and awareness.

  • Providing a platform for students to inculcate eco-friendly aptitudes.
  • Protection and enhancement of the campus-environment.
  • Mobilization of students’ strength towards development of eco-friendly technologies.
  • Organization of seminars, symposiums & workshops enhancing sustainability issues.
  • Conducting surveys and camps for educating rural inhabitants on Habits, Health & Hygiene, and Socio-Economic and Ecological Sustainability.
  • Encouragement of environmental culture through quizzes, essays, debates, posters.
  • Interaction with local & global environmental bodies.
  • Carrying out out-reach programs of social commitments- clean-ups, plantation, etc.
  • Coordinate in introducing the concept of Green Building and Green-wall in the University.
  • Provide better media coverage of the institute and attracting students from school level.
  • Give a platform to conduct seminars, workshops, lecture-series, videos, etc.
  • Forming a foundation for future courses by the centre (Certificates, Diplomas & Degrees) by the centre as proposed by Task force.
  • Publication of newsletters and magazines; production of Audio-Visual materials for environmental awareness