Knowledge Resource Centre

Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) mission is to enhance teaching and learning at PRIST University through the provision of flexible, diverse and user centered information services and resources. The knowledge resource centre is considered as a spine of the institute and is a new age of versatile approach to managing print, digital, audio-visual material, all in a seamlessly manner.KRC ha all the valued sources of knowledge showcasing the best collection of books, magazines, journals and other e resources from all over the world. The centre also has a large collection of the student project reports and other research projects. The collective strength of all resources at the KRC is aimed giving the centre the power to provide various services under one roof with online facilities to the faculty members, students, researchers.

The facilities under KRC are:

  • Library
  • Database search Cubicles
  • Online Journal/ Database search facilities for walk in users
  • Circulation Desk
  • Document Delivery / Copying Facilities
  • Computer Centre
  • Technical Lab