It gives me immense pleasure and privilege to welcome you PRIST DEEMED UNIVERSITY, which Is an icon for Higher Learning and Research. Emerged our from to parent Institution, namely Ponnaiya Ramajayam College, a well known Institution known for the pride and excellence among the society. PRIST is nurtured with the motto “Quality and Discipline” and strives for the betterment of its stakeholders. The revolution of PRIST over the years has witnessed strong blend of state of the art infrastructure in a clean and green atmosphere blended with eminent human resources and has reached good number of milestones in the successful journey. The inspiring motivational ambience creates generation and dissemination of knowledge with a sense of social responsibility, Ethics, human values and social commitment. PRIST strongly believes that Quality and Excellence are a continuous process and practices the same in its every sphere of activities. The academic activities make the learners gain theoretical knowledge and hands on skill training and come out successfully in flying colours. Through its innovative and learner friendly approach and with the support of good academic community, PRIST has created many successful entrepreneur, talented technocrats, Innovative scientists, researchers and its successful journey continues with full zeal and pride.

I invite you to gain experience as a PRISTIAN to taste the fruits of Success.